Thursday, November 25, 2010

I ended up telling my life story.

I meant to update yesterday, but I guess this can make it up.

My parents are divorced and I live with my dad. It's alright since I get to see my mom once a week. My dad's pretty much the rich side of the family, so it's a plus for me. But unlike my dad, who own a company, mom works as a nail technician in a typical Vietnamese way.

When my parents first got divorced, it was really hard on my mom. I decided to live with her for awhile until I got to highschool. I forgot to mention my mom practically lived a city away from my dad and that I attended the middle school in my dad's district.

So my mom had to spend so much time driving me back and forth to school everyday when she had to work too. I never really realized how much I took her granted, thinking now about all the gas money she had to use just to get me to and bring me back from school.

My mom always wished the best in life, and I think she ended up accepted the way her life went. Coming to America with her husband, and a sick child in tow. That was my eldest brother, I never met him. He died before I was even born. All I really know about him is that mother told me, "he was really sick" and from the pictures, got around in a wheelchair. I don't know what kind of life my parents had coming to America... I can't really ask them myself since I can barely communicate with them.

She ended up having two more kids, my brother and I. My brother was a problematic child, I think he even ended up dropping out of highschool. He got into motorcycles and fourwheelers, and had questionable friends. But I guess its just that typical rebellious, teenager behavior acting up, right?

As for me? I remember being a quiet, good kid that clung to my parents a lot. But I once asked my parents how I acted as I kid and they told me I was a bit a "troublemaker" too. I don't know how true they're being or if they're just teasing, but whatever, I was young! But... thinking about it now, I guess I was really corrupted as kid too, but probably not as much to what my parent's thought.
I was exposed to porn at a really young age. I can't recall how young, but it was just enough. I even remember my first time coming across a Playboy channel by flipping through the TV. I was in my parent's bedroom, sitting on the floor, with my parents in bed sleeping right behind me.

It was late at night, so the volume was kept down. On TV, there was these naked people in leather straps or something. I think the setting was this outdoor water fountain, I can't be sure since it was so long ago. If I can recall correctly, everyone was minding their own business or the characters were going through some kind of porno script attempting a plot. I didn't comprehend it right away. In fact, I thought this was some kind of hero story? (I use to watch Xena: Warrior Princess as a kid...) I don't really remember anything aside from that.

I'm assuming I got bored with it and/or didn't understand because they haven't gotten to the spicy parts of it, so I flipped to the next channel. And if you have the channels set up like mine did, you'll know ALL the porno channels are right next to each other. Now that's when hardcore porn hit me as a child, and I was okay with it.

Now if you remember from before, I mentioned my parents were sleeping right behind me. I knew what I was looking at and I knew I could've gotten in trouble. I was a smart kid, I knew how to work the TV since I spent most of my childhood with it. I knew of the Previous Channel button and switched to some cartoon channel in case my parents even decided to wake up.

Anyway, things happened. I ended up meeting this kid around my age who lived near me. We're watching porno together, we try to attempt to copy them, and I ended  up having "sex" without really knowing what it means. I don't count it though since there was no real penetration.

Now that's the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down while I lived on a street called Bellaire. (I'm not even lying, that was the street my house was on.)

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