Saturday, November 27, 2010

A boring recollection.

November 24, mom and I spend the day together before she leaves to visit her family in Vietnam. Went to Walmart and had McDonalds, bought Chicken Selects. Mom went shopping while I stayed in McDonalds reading manga on my phone. Went to CVS next, mom is looking for vitamins for her family. I buy a toy dog there. Went to another Walmart because mom wants to look for the cheapest deal on vitamins, she finally bought some. Went to the movies next and watched Megamind, there was a long line because of Tangled. Went to buy sushi to-go at my favorite sushi place, very satisfying. Stayed over at mom's for the night. Couldn't sleep and nostalgia'd about Neopets and decided to make a new account. Stayed up the whole night and went to drop off mom at the airport at 4AM. Went to bro's house and slept.

November 25, extremely procrastinated in getting out of bed. Eventually got off of bed and went to buy McDonalds again. Got a McRib meal and got back home to dad's. Ate the french fries only because stepmom was making Thanksgiving dinner. Had Thanksgiving dinner, it was nice. Stayed up late playing Neopets and ate my McRib.

November 26, being lazy in bed again. Woke up and went to drop off stepbro at his grandparent's place or something. Went to La Madeline to reserve a room for a dinner party I'm hosting, had lunch there. Went to Ikea next to do some Christmas shopping, bought everything I needed and a giant shark plushie for myself. Extremely satisfied.

Threw in my shoe for size reference.

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