Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've failed to try.

On my first blog, I was honestly looking forward to blogging with something new and interesting everyday. I wanted to entertain others, I wanted to be memorable! I wanted to record my adventures or thoughts I had that day, and just to look back years later and read what kind of person I was then.

But then I realized, I'm not interesting at all.
Or clearly I don't do much of anything.

I keep forgetting my dreams, probably the greatest thing I can ever give anybody.
I fell in love for awhile, but I can't tell if I truly still feel the same way as I did then.
My art is dying, I've grown pathetic and I'm still lacking self-confidence.
I haven't done an amazing job in school, who would ever want me?

So the updates on my old blog became less frequent (it wasn't that even well run in the first place) and I gave up completely. I just don't know what to write! I'm so young and inexperienced, so apathetic and lacking character! I've been spoiled with a good life, I've probably never felt any suffering my friends have had.

Everyone around me is so busy leading their lives.
Where am I? What have I done? Nothing at all!

Not about the car thing, unless you're useless like me.

I still don't know how to properly 
drive yet, how pathetic is that?

Does anyone else get that feeling?
(Of course you have.)

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